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Exercise Physiology

Rehabilitate and manage injuries, as well as acute or chronic disease.

Our Exercise Physiologist utilizes interventions to rehabilitate and manage injuries, as well as acute or chronic disease by assisting in restoring one’s optimal physical function, health or wellness through safe clinical exercises.

At Greater Western Health we use an integration with physiotherapy to achieve optimum results.

Exercise Physiology can cover a broad range of health issues including:

  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Pulmonary disease
  • Metabolic disease
  • Neurological disease
  • Musculoskeletal disease (including arthritis, osteoporosis/osteopenia, acute and/or chronic musculoskeletal issues)
  • Depression and other mental health conditions
  • Cancer

Our Exercise Physiologist may also assist with:

  • Assessments of functional capacity
  • Advice on lifestyle modification to improve health status
  • Exercise prescriptions for strength and function improvement pre- and post-surgery
  • Workplace assessments.

Our Exercise Physiologists

Qualified, trained and experienced specialists in exercise physiology